Technically missed before the weekend: A rare Velvet Underground LP is racking up huge bids on eBay. It's basically an early-ish version of The Velvet Underground & Nico, cut before the album as we know it was completed. Bidding is up to $107,100 as of this posting. gets a preview of Ted Leo's new album, due out in March.

The soundtrack for the new Van Wilder movie will get its own tour, Variety reports, and savvily digging into that collegiate market, the headliner is… Everclear? Wow, this should work at least as well as Dane Cook's Tourgasm minus Dane Cook, right? Wrong.


Missed way the hell before the weekend: Wal-Mart has launched a new movie-download deal, but the Variety story makes it sound ridiculous. With the purchase of a DVD of Superman Returns, customers get "to download the film for use on portable devices for $1.95, computers for $2.95 or both for $3.95, in addition to the cost of the DVD, which retails in Wal-Mart stores for $14.87." Wait, so people will pay more to download a film to a computer when they could just put the DVD in the computer? Is it really that hard to fit a DVD into a travel bag? Can anyone explain why this is a "deal" at all? Oh, right, because people are incredibly lazy.