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Things still looking pretty dour in this first look at Fear The Walking Dead season three

(Photo: Richard Foreman Jr./AMC)

Look, we know zombies ate all the Instagram filters and the funny party hats, but would it kill the harried survivors of Fear The Walking Dead (or its parent series, for that matter) to say “Cheese” when someone takes their photo? Variety has a set of first-look photos for the upcoming third season of the walker-fleeing spin-off, and everybody just looks grumpy as all get-out, just because almost everyone they know is probably dead and wants to eat them alive.

(Photo: Variety/AMC)
(Photo: Variety/AMC)

We’ve got Frank Dillane’s Nick and Danay Garcia’s Luciana huddled in a sewer, hiding from attackers and not even trying to look cheerful. Even Colman Domingo’s Strand, one of the show’s most interesting/sociopathic characters, can’t turn his frown upside down for the camera.

You can see the full set of photos—including Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis offering each other the show’s closest approximation to a smile—over at Variety. Fear The Walking Dead returns for its third season sometime later this year.

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