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Things still look grim for Marvel’s Agent Carter, and less hopeful for Most Wanted

Marvel's Agent Carter

Hayley Atwell’s done an admirable job as Marvel’s Agent Carter, battling HYDRA—without super powers, thank you very much—and helping found S.H.I.E.L.D. Unfortunately, all that good work has done little to slow the decline in ratings, though it has raised Atwell’s profile enough for ABC to offer her the lead in a different drama. We reported back in February that Atwell would also be fighting crime via legal analysis on Conviction, when it was thought that she would appear in both series. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC appears to be setting its cap at the legal drama, whose pilot is considered to be “highly likely” to get picked up by the network. So while ABC hasn’t officially axed Agent Carter, it continues to leave the show out of discussions of renewals.

But Peggy Carter isn’t the only agent who might soon find herself unemployed, as THR notes that ABC’s ardor for Marvel’s Most Wanted has cooled somewhat. The not-quite spin-off of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. got a pilot order last August, and things were looking good for Adrianne Palicki to reprise her role as Mockingbird on her own series. But now that ABC is looking over its developing projects and readying them for fall, the series order is reportedly no longer “a lock.” Could these be the first signs of superhero fatigue? Probably not, because these shows both center on your run-of-the mill, courageous humans. But at least Atwell will still be on TV in some form, even if it is without those great hats.


[via io9]

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