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Things aren't great at home in the new trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Servant

At first glance, the premise of M. Night Shyamalan’s Apple TV+ series is basically like, “Okay, what if a nice couple adopted that weird fake baby from American Sniper?” But as revealed in the full trailer for Servant, it’s even weirder—and more psychologically complex—than that: The tragic death of their 13-week-old baby shakes the foundation of a Philadelphia couple’s marriage, so the wife (Lauren Ambrose) adopts one of those extremely realistic fake babies to soothe her grief. Her husband (Toby Kebbell) clearly is not into the fake baby situation, but goes along to get along like a good Billy Joel song—that is, as long as his wife is around. But then they hire a nanny, who may or may not be up to some shit.

Servant premieres November 28 on Apple TV+ and also stars Nell Tiger Free (Game Of Thrones) and Rupert Grint (Harry Potter). While you might assume this is an hour-long series, good ol’ Shyamalan gotcha again: Each episode is only a half-hour long. More time for you to ponder weighty questions like “What makes something or someone real?” and “How many streaming subscriptions does one human being actually need?” and “Wait, isn’t this the plot of that one episode of High Maintenance?”

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