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Hulu has swiped right—or executed whatever motion is the Snooger equivalent—on Casual and picked up the comedy for a second season. Splitsider shared the renewal and director Jason Reitman’s excitement over the news:

“The Casual family came together quickly and bonded in a very real way both on screen and off. We’re all thrilled to see more of each other and continue building upon the adventures of Alex and Valerie as they attempt real adult relationships.”


Hulu’s original comedy stars the winsome Michaela Watkins as Valerie, a newly-single mother who moves in with her brother Alex (Tommy Dewey). Valerie tries to raise her teenage daughter without cramping Alex’s bachelor lifestyle, but he’d rather see her dating again, so he asks her to sign up for the site he co-founded (that’s what Snooger is). We’re two episodes into the 10-episode season, and so far, Valerie is floundering in her attempts at modern love. But isn’t that what all the fun’s about? Okay, maybe not all of it.

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