Showing some of that plucky “We can do it!” attitude she must have picked up from A League Of Their Own, Madonna has announced that she’ll soon be directing her third feature film. Deadline reports that she’ll be adapting Rebecca Walker’s novel Adé: A Love Story, which tells the tale of a young girl and the Swahili man she loves, both struggling to stay together amidst a civil war in Kenya. It sounds exactly like the sort of film Madonna would want to direct.

Deadline also points out that the film will be produced by Bruce Cohen, whose credits include American Beauty, Milk, and Silver Linings Playbook—which should give you an idea of how many Academy Awards they’re hoping Adé will pull in. Of course, in addition to a civil war, Adé will also have to endure the struggle of being directed by Madonna, whose other two directorial efforts—2008’s Filth And Wisdom and 2012’s W.E.—didn’t exactly land the best reviews.