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As we learned during April’s They Might Be Giants Awareness Day, the coolest uncool band in the world has a new album, Join Us, due out July 19. And rather than just sit there like a lump until it’s finally released, you can join the group in the act of creation, specifically by entering its just-launched contest to film a video for the single “Can’t Keep Johnny Down” and submitting it either on YouTube or the band’s official Facebook page. The band says it’s looking for anything “stylish and smart,” whether it be live-action, animated, or some combination of both—though in the words of John Linnell in the video below, it should probably feature people in capes. Ultimately, though, you're being asked to impress comedian and Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman, who will make the final decision, so definitely play to his sensibilities.


In addition to having your efforts become an official part of They Might Be Giants history and seeing it posted to both the band’s YouTube channel and featured on its podcast, you’ll get $1,000 and, maybe even better, a pizza from the pizzeria of your choice, which you can then use to throw a pizza party, or selfishly eat all by yourself. (And because TMBG is comprised of nice guys, some runners-up will also get pizzas.)

Finally, if you’re not into making them, but you still enjoy watching They Might Be Giants videos, the band may be participating in a video series that you’re hopefully already familiar with, with that particular video maybe debuting on July 5. Maybe.

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