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They made a documentary about Thor (No, not that one—the heavy metal guy)

All hail the God of Thunder! Just not, you know, that Marvel guy everybody knows about. No, we’re talking about Jon Mikl Thor, a.k.a. “Thor, The Legendary Rock Warrior.” Thor fronted the delightfully over-the-top metal group Thor in the ’70s and ’80s, then retired after the act failed to achieve the mainstream success of contemporaries like Kiss. Thor moved into film for a time, appearing in B-movies like Rock ’N’ Roll Nightmare, before eventually quitting entertainment altogether. But you can’t keep a hammer-wielding god down, and he eventually launched a comeback. Now, the world can know the full story: Deadline reports late fall 2015 will see the release of I Am Thor, a documentary about the metal rocker and his tumultuous life.

The biographical film traces the showman’s life from bodybuilder to rocker to actor through his retirement and eventual return to stage performances. It also explores how those actions nearly killed him. You can watch the trailer below, and see for yourself some of his stunt-heavy live clips. This writer saw him live in 2005 at the Triple Rock in Minneapolis, and it was every bit as awesome as you might expect. He bent a metal mic stand in half with his bare hands. We were all pretty excited.


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