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These super-elaborate GIFs navigate famous film fortresses

As a kid, one of the most fun aspects of pretending you were Superman, or the X-Men, or any other adventurer or hero, wasn’t actually building your fort, or running around fighting crime: It was drawing up the plans. Whether you were making your own version of a Home Alone-style booby-trapped residence, or outlining strategies for scaling Cobra Commander’s high-tech outpost, half the fun was imagining the various difficulties and the resources you would need to overcome them.

But it’s 2016 now, and your 6-year-old can wield your iPad more effectively than you ever could, and there’s no way in hell they’re not taking advantage of that technology to plan their next make-believe raid. Which is why they’ll be pleased to learn the GetSafe team has created Fortresses On Film, an animated tribute to some of the big screen’s more noteworthy (and heavily barricaded) locations. This series of elaborate GIFs depict various homes, castles, and hidden bases in lovingly old-school style. Whether it’s Bruce Wayne’s Batcave, or One-Eyed Willy’s infamous pirate ship from The Goonies, each one methodically outlines the various obstacles and/or traps anyone bold enough to attempt access will need to overcome. For those of us still nursing certain youthful fantasies about broaching the Goblin King’s castle from Labyrinth, these GIFs couldn’t come soon enough. Some of our favorites are below.


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