Screenshot: YouTube

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland continue to be cagey about Rick And Morty’s third season. Harmon took the stage last week at the Sundance Film Festival to take the blame personally, saying that the episodes keep taking longer and longer to write, while Roiland helpfully joined the fray clamoring for more shows on Twitter.


And while it appears that it’s all just the result of a couple of perfectionist writers taking the time to produce more of their characteristically dense fusion of hard sci-fi and deeply absurdist humor, the public has not stopped itching for more material to pore over. Accordingly, Adult Swim has already released a retro video game re-creation of the show’s credits sequence and over the weekend released a surreal, apocalyptic companion piece.

Meanwhile, the pop culture philosophers at Wisecrack have explored the cosmological implications of the second season’s “Get Schwifty” episode. As is generally the case with these “philosophy of” videos, a lot of it is merely explained subtext, but the video does interestingly tease out the way the show doesn’t neatly tie up the debate between science and religion.

And, more than that, it’s a reason to see that big head yell, “Show me what you got” again, which is always nice, at least until these jerks get around to providing us more things to quote from.