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These reimagined Star Wars action figures rule

(Photo: OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images)

There’s always something a little extra exciting when mash-ups, crossovers, and other symptoms of our ongoing love of smooshing two cool concepts together manage to bleed out into the real world. Case in point: the work of artist and custom toy sculptor Sillof (a.k.a. Jamie Follis), who’s spent the last several years reinterpreting and reimagining pop culture action figures—most notably the cast of Star Wars—into other genres and worlds. Sillof’s stuff has been online for years, but he recently put together an Imgur gallery collecting his Sillof Wars series in one fun, genre-bending place.


As Sillof notes on his web site, some of these new versions are just for fun, but many are deliberate attempts to reflect the media that inspired George Lucas to create the franchise in the first place. (Take “Serial Wars” and “Samurai Wars,” for instance.) Beyond that, though, they’re also just obviously lovingly crafted, with the added bonus of seeing how Sillof tackles the problem of inserting the franchise’s less human characters, like Chewbacca and C-3P0, into various more realistic settings. (Personally, we’re big fans of golden-haired medieval bard Capdollo Gildenrod and tough, hairy cyberpunk hacker Cybahacka, ourselves.)

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