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These new Lodge 49 teasers are aimed at anyone who still has no idea what the show's about

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Screenshot: Lodge 49

Last year, Lodge 49 emerged in the sleepy summer TV landscape to beguile anyone who took a chance on the Jim Gavin and Peter Ocko series despite not having a firm grasp on what the show has to offer. Is it a comforting hangout comedy, a sunny yet existential drama, or both? Well, it’s something you really have to see for yourself to determine. But even as it defied easy categorization, Lodge 49 stealthily made its way up our best TV of 2019 rankings with all the charm and warmth we’ve now come to expect from the show.


But AMC seems to realize that there are some people out there who still don’t really know what’s going down at the lodge, what the Benevolent Order Of The Lynx is, and what’s going on with a seal who appears in the middle of the freeway. These new promos for season two, which premieres August 12, play into the potentially confounding nature of the show’s gentle genre-bending. Here’s Lodge 49 as an A-Team style action show:

As Dud, Wyatt Russell possesses the same can-do attitude of young Mayfield resident Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver, so what if AMC pitched the series to you as a homey sitcom?

The mystery continues to build on Lodge 49 with the addition of El Confidente (Cheech Marin) in season two, but this promo wonders if there’s something more malevolent than capitalism at play here:

With its heightened moments, Lodge 49 could be a soap opera, but we can really only imagine Liz (Sonya Cassidy) slapping anyone. And though a synopsis for the series remains hard to come by, this St. Elsewhere-style promo captures Ernie (Brent Jenning) and Dud’s bond, which is part of the show’s allure.


But we get it, you might still be unsure of what Dud, the Lynx, Ernie, Liz, and Cheech Marin are getting up to in Long Beach, and just how much of it is real. Given these cheeky teasers, the show is aware of this, too, and having a bit of fun while still not giving out any easy answers, so we guess you’ll have to tune in on August 12.

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