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These Melrose Place videos dubbed with emojis are *girl dancing in red dress*

Whether it represents the zenith or the nadir of human existence, the emoji is quickly becoming the preferred language of smartphone users—because nothing says “I have a crush on you” like a yellow cat with hearts for eyes. As part of an upcoming Emoji Art And Design Show, artist Cara Rose DeFabio has created emoji subtitles for clips from Melrose Place. Called “Melroji Place,” the videos prove how shockingly easy it is to capture just about any human emotion with an emoji—from sexual passion to proclamations of love, from kissing to questions about room service. The video below features a few salacious romantic scenes, while a second version focuses on the show’s opening titles. In an interview with Wired, DeFabio explains that emojis “satisfy a craving to reduce the volume of informational chatter down to a single, reductive emotion.” Which is just *Easter Island head*.

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