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These Jungle Book GIFs reveal just how little Neel Sethi had to work with

The Jungle Book

Disney’s live action The Jungle Book remake just got a Blu-ray release, and to mark the occasion the Mouse House decided to release some GIFs. Though not as informative as an actual behind-the-scenes video, there’s still quite a bit of information contained in these four images. They each show the special effects process across three stages: filming, rendering, and the finished product.

As Mowgli actor Neel Sethi recently explained for Oh My Disney, he was the only live-action component of the entire film, and he shot all his scenes on sound stages, as demonstrated here. So rather than cuddle up with a real animal, Sethi had to develop a relationship with a disembodied puppet head or a headless bear torso.


This isn’t even a motion-capture situation where Sethi at least got to work across from his actual co-stars like Ben Kingsley and Bill Murray. Instead he just spent the filming process chilling in a pool with some random dudes in blue suits.


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