Photo: Michael J. Haggerty/Getty Images

The lead-up to the Summer Olympics in Rio was mired in controversy about whether Brazil was up for the challenge of hosting the games. (The fact that the diving and water polo pools have turned green hasn’t done much to alleviate those concerns.) But even the most prepared host countries can struggle after the games are over. Bored Panda has complied a collection of eerie photos taken at derelict Olympic venues around the world. For instance, the bobsled track from the 1984 Sarajevo games is covered in graffiti, although it does serve as a training course for downhill bikers.

Meanwhile, an abandoned training pool from the 2004 Athens games and a deserted beach volleyball venue from the 2008 Beijing games are even more neglected. Perhaps most eerie of all is the Olympics Sports Complex in Sarajevo, which has been partially converted into a graveyard. (From 1992 to 1996 the city suffered the longest siege of a city in the history of modern warfare.)

Photo: Michael J. Haggerty/Getty Images

Some of the abandoned buildings in the photo series even date back to the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Because apparently we still haven’t figured out this whole post-Olympics thing in 80 years.


Photo: Martin Sachse/Getty Images

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