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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, undoubtedly one of the greatest games ever made, is really, really fucking huge. The open-world game shows off the most detailed version of Hyrule yet, rewarding exploration by giving players a sense of wonder as they aimlessly wander from one random waypoint on the game’s massive map to another. Of course, bringing up the game’s map on your Nintendo Switch (or Wii U) might take some people out of the experience of discovery, but, if you had a badass mom like Twitter user @itika89, you could just look at her beautiful and painstakingly detailed hand-drawn map to decide on where you should head to next.


According to a translation from SoraNews24, this Breath of the Wild map was drawn after the player traversed Hyrule by foot (not horse!), noting every road, river, and ridge, as well as topographical lines to represent the land’s many peaks and valleys. She’s also marked every single hidden Korok Seed location, major enemy locations, and each of the game’s 120 shrines.

Here’s the full-sized map with Breath of the Wild’s case for perspective.

Equally as impressive is another Breath of the Wild map made by Mason Drumm. Drumm recently shared his rendition of Hyrule’s map, which he says took him roughly 65 hours over the course of six weeks to create. Crafted entirely with wood and epoxy, Drumm put in work to dedicate a topographical tribute to the game he’s spent hundreds of hours with. Here’s his fantastic and detailed portrait of Hyrule, complete with elevation levels and a wooden texture.

Breath of the Wild was released two years ago and is dense enough to warrant hundreds of hours of play. As such, it’s still inspiring hordes of fans to pay homage to it, which is, shall we say, wild.


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