Chances are the last time you spun a top was after behaving well at the dentist as a child or when visiting an unfortunate cousin whose parents wouldn’t give them a Nintendo. Or, maybe, you were gambling on Hanukkah with its Jewish cousin, the dreidel. But to all our surprise, some folks never stopped with the spinning tops. They just kept a spinnin’ into adulthood, developing an uncanny ability with no worthwhile application besides showing off on YouTube.

But oh, what a YouTube clip it is. Watch the tops spin on people’s hands, get launched from a distance to land on tight platforms, and even traverse a tight rope to eventually pop an unsuspecting balloon. Someone even turned a lamp into a giant spinning top. Is it enough to make you reconsider your retirement from active top spinning in childhood? Probably not, but more power to these folks for getting better at an inane activity than most of us are at anything.


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