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These classic movies might as well be “Walkin’ On The Sun”


It ain’t no joke. We have the success of the breezy 1997 single “Walkin’ On The Sun” to thank (or curse) for bringing Smash Mouth to prominence. And now the YouTube channel DoctorTchock is giving the song an even more auspicious legacy, this time in classic films. The channel—which seems to have been created for this express purpose—has uploaded a whole collection of famous movie endings with a Smash Mouth twist. The more incongruous they are, the better. For instance, The Usual Suspects video almost works if only because both the song and the film have a distinctive ’90s vibe. Casablanca, on the other hand, is a delightful mix of classic cinema and anachronistic pop rock.

DoctorTchock is really committed to the bit and has uploaded a whole bunch of Smash Mouth-themed videos, with more potentially to come. It’s hard to tell whether they get funnier or less funny when watched all in a row. But either way, here’s Inception:

Planet Of The Apes:

Return Of The Jedi:

And Chinatown:

We also have to give DoctorTchock credit for creating a Smash Mouth parody that doesn’t involve “All Star.”


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