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These bootleg video games are full of spiders

(Photo: Yuri Kadobnov/Getty Images)

In what could very well be the gaming industry’s latest, most horrifying push to get people to just buy their games retail—or better yet, go digital—Mexican police recently confiscated a shipment of bootleg video games, only to discover that they were full of spiders. Not loose spiders, mind you, drawn to the irresistible lure of shitty knock-off cartridges based on Jurassic Park or Robocop 2; pre-packaged, smuggled spiders, each in their own cozy little vials.


We never thought we’d type this, but what the hell happened to smuggling illegal drugs like civilized people? Per Uproxx, the package was apparently on its way to Maryland, where, we have to assume, the cult of ARACHNUS, SPIDER GOD is currently anxiously awaiting their copy of Terminator 3, the hot new exclusive for Nintendo’s Janky Fake NES.

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