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These Baby Yodas are terrible at racing each other, but they're still pretty dang cute

Is Baby Yoda cuter than an actual baby? It’s the question no parent wants to confront, forced, as they very well may be, to acknowledge that their own offspring simply fails to match up to The Mandalorian’s big-eared agent of chaos. But if it’s a matter of getting said child to do what you want them to do, well, that’s probably a much easier distinction; for all his wandering around, and predation on hapless frogs, Baby Yoda is still a puppet, and those typically follow directions pretty well.


Which is more than can be said for the Baby Yodas in the above video, which was shot at a Sacramento Kings NBA game earlier this week. The premise for these “Baby Yoda Races” was presumably sound: Get some babies, put Yoda hats on them, and then convince them to crawl to Mommy in a burst of internet-immolating cuteness. The actual results…not so much. (Okay, the cuteness part still applies.)

Shout-out to competitor Leilani, though, for embodying the true Baby Yoda spirit by crawling out into the vast unknown, with no concern for getting scooped up by Jawas or a Space Amy Sedaris. Meanwhile, if your taste for white-knuckle baby-based thrill rides has yet to be slaked, you’re in luck: The Kings actually tried this before, sans the Star Wars branding, and the result was—no fooling—actually kind of exciting and close:

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