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These ’90s montages are like the nightmares of a sentient TV set

Screenshot: YouTube

The internet is, at last census, 40 percent nostalgia, full of lists of things only ’90s kids understand as well as inter-generational squabbling between Gen X-ers, millennials, and the hypothetical “Xennials.” And yet these montages of the ’90s are weirdly interesting, a mashup of MTV, CNN, and era-appropriate music. For people who were vaguely sentient during the era, absorbing media but not fully understanding it, they’re full of strange juxtapositions, with images of the still-standing Twin Towers juxtaposed against Beavis And Butt-Head and “Cannonball.” YouTuber Jake James has been going year by year to create a montage of the decade; 1993 just came out this week, and 1990 came out last year, so he’s taking his time, but they’re getting more involved as they go. They’re worth watching, if only as the sort of raw material that’d form chillwave, vaporwave, and countless other postmodern throwback movements of recent years.

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