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Photo: Vivien Killilea (Getty Images for SiriusXM)

There has been a steady trickle of news about DC’s Shazam! movie coming out over the last few months, including photos of Zachary Levi in the costume and an official synopsis, so it seems like it should just be a matter of time before we get a real trailer. Today, director David F. Sandberg finally came through with a short video on Twitter that seems to be an early look at Shazam! but… something about it seems a bit off. We can’t quite figure out why, but the footage seems weirdly retro, almost like a TV show from the mid-’70s instead of a modern superhero movie.


Sadly, this is actually just an elaborate April Fools gag from Sandberg, but it would be pretty fun if the actual Shazam! movie used AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” at some point. It’s a little on-the-nose, since Shazam (formerly Captain Marvel) turns into a superhero by getting struck by lightning, but Iron Man got away with using that Black Sabbath song during the credits and it still became one of the most important movies of the past decade.

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