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There's apparently some weird riddle hidden in the Stranger Things book

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The new season of Stranger Things, a show whose last season released more than a year ago, isn’t set to arrive on Netflix until next summer. This wait has made the series’ fans so ravenous for new information that they’ve started trying to gather facts from any possible source, including the 19th century’s favorite streaming media format, Morse code.

Most enticing for real Chief Hopper-heads is a Stranger Things tie-in book, which has been pored over by the internet in short order. In what may look to neophytes like a simple homage to Eleven’s use of Morse code throughout the show, pages from the book contain dots and dashes that, it turns out, reveal hidden messages that can be decoded with an included signal guide.

The enterprising users of r/StrangerThings soon realized that translating the book’s Morse code revealed short, seemingly nonsensical sentences. Arranged in order, they assemble this little poem:

“the week is long

the silver cat feeds

when blue and yellow meet

in the west

a trip to china sounds nice

if you tread lightly”

While the resulting words aren’t going to win any literary prizes, Reddit has been unpacking these clues with all the fervor that you’d expect from Reddit. So far, the sentences could work if read backward, hint at time-bending shenanigans, or have something to do with a clock with blue and yellow hands shown in a teaser, as seen below.


There is, unfortunately, no word yet on whether the whole thing is just the book’s designer complaining about being overworked, needing to get home to feed their pet, and dreaming of looking at a nice sunset on a trip abroad.

If these clues aren’t enough to get your noggin humming, you can always go right to the source and learn about Stranger Things’ third season from David Harbour, who calls it “so much of a departure and so much of a risk” before proving this true by saying it’s inspired in part by, uh, Fletch. We can only imagine this means Chevy Chase will guest star as a PI.. who infiltrates the Upside Down in a monster costume. Try to crack that code, Reddit.

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