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There's not much joy in this "Joyride" teaser for Better Call Saul's fifth season

Earlier this week, we reported that AMC had finally set a premiere date for the long-anticipated fifth season of Better Call Saul, psyching us up for our return trip to the ever-fraught world of New Mexico legal practice. But lest you worry that this will be the season where Jimmy McGill finally straightens up, flies right, and gets down to the business of really getting all his paperwork properly in order, don’t fret: The network released a new teaser for the series’ return yesterday that confirms Jimmy’s penchant for getting himself into tense, awful, and legally compromised situations is clearly still in full effect.

It’s not a good sign, after all, when the person who’s driving you around is pumping a song about his affection for murder into his car’s stereo; even worse when you realize the back seat of said car is designed so that passengers can’t escape. (Also: There’s a gun! That can’t be good!) And while we’re sure that this is just a perfectly normal business meeting that Jimmy is headed to with an exciting, perfectly normal new client, it’s a good reminder that things aren’t likely to get any less tense or awful for him now that’s back to practicing the law in full.

Better Call Saul returns for its fifth season on February 23.

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