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There's another Addams Family movie in the works

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In a story timed specifically for Halloween, as well as the witching season of reboots known as “every single day,” Variety reports that MGM is adding an update of The Addams Family to its long list of revivals from the pop culture graveyard, bringing it back as an animated film this time. Of course, The Addams Family has hardly had much of a rest, with Charles Addams’ gothic comic strips spawning two live-action series, two animated series, two highly successful live-action films (and one not-as-successful straight-to-video follow-up), a Broadway show, plus books, games, and assorted other ephemera in the 75 years they’ve been around.


As recently as 2010, discussions were even in place for Tim Burton to bring back the Addamses as stop-motion characters that would be more faithfully based on their original drawings, a project that was abandoned earlier this year. But now Burton’s Corpse Bride screenwriter Pamela Pettler will give it a shot, in a film presumably made in more commonly creepy, altogether ooky CGI animation, and one that will briefly distract your own children from trying to kill each other.

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