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The ballad of Big Baby Jesus is finally set to make its way to the big (baby) screen, with THR reporting that an Ol’ Dirty Bastard biopic has been put into the works. Executive produced by ODB’s old Wu-Tang Clanmate (and cousin) RZA, the film will explore the frequently absurd, occasionally tragic life and times of Russell Tyrone Jones.


Those unfamiliar with ODB’s life story will presumably be in for a treat here; Jones’s out-sized personality and low inhibitions made him into a sort of folk hero for the ’90s rap world—from the time he broke out of court-mandated drug treatment to record in the studio, to the incident when he took a series of limos to pick up his welfare checks, to the incident where he witnessed a car accident, then rushed in to lift a vehicle off of an injured 4-year-old girl. It’ll be a pretty eventful movie, is all we’re saying, even as it wrestles with the way addiction and substance abuse conspired to bring down a raw, monumental talent.

The biopic is reportedly being developed at Sony.

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