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There's a smack of ham to this trailer for Arrested Development's new batch of episodes

Arrested Development returns on March 15, when Netflix will unveil the second half of a season that had plenty of fans wishing the cult comedy had stayed canceled. As we wrote in our review of season five’s mid-season finale, “the show still has jokes, but it’s lost some of the foundation that used to support those jokes.”

That said, there’s plenty to chuckle at in the above trailer for this new batch of episodes, which, as David Cross prophesied, will probably be its last. “In the second half of Arrested Development’s fifth season, pressures mount on the Bluth family as Buster heads toward a murder trial,” reads a synopsis. “The Bluth company is on the hook to build a ‘smart’ border wall that puts them in debt and risks exposing a software hoax perpetrated by George-Michael. Soon the gay mafia is involved and it appears that even Michael can’t save the family this time. And Tobias becomes a Golden Girl.”

Expect meta jokes aplenty, as the trailer’s got cracks about Netflix and the show’s own memes. Also, Gene Parmesan! That joke will never not make us laugh.

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