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There's a new Lion King teaser and oh shit, Beyoncé is finally here

The first trailer for Disney’s live-action Lion King sparked a spirited debated among certain puritan fans of the original film and those who really don’t give a damn about the color New Scar’s hair. It also had people questioning the whereabouts of some of the film’s key players, like star Donald Glover and megastar-in-literally-every-other-aspect, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. With July 19 just around the corner, the newest teaser has arrived with Knowles-Carter’s Nala taking center stage.

For this clip, Nala’s plea for Simba (Glover) to return to Pride Rock overlays quick shots of a kingdom in need, including a fiery battle between the young heir and his uncle Scar. There is still - very notably - an absence of dialogue from Simba, however the ending shot of Billy Eichner and Seth Rogan’s Timon and Pumbaa arriving as the “back-up” does inspire a little bit of a chuckle while cautiously confirming that the original story’s famed comedic timing might just be in okay hands. Just recently Disney released the film’s official posters, which are great if you really dig animals just kind of hanging out in nature (which is fine, by the way).


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