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There's a new Lauryn Hill song out, and—surprise, surprise—it's not very good

After three months behind bars on tax evasion charges, Lauryn Hill is getting out of prison today. In celebration, she’s released a new song, “Consumerism,” and, well, it’s not very good. A mish mosh of drums and what sounds like the type of bamboo recorders you can buy at Pier 1 is topped with Hill’s rapid-fire recitation of all different —isms, from the aforementioned consumerism to narcissism, egotism, and sexism. It sounds like a lot of sound and fury that ultimately signifies nothing, but to Hill, it’s an exploration of “the underlying socio-political, cultural paradigm.” While she says she’s not currently up on the news—having, you know, been in jail for three months—she says she can’t imagine the song “not being relevant.” “Messages like these,” she says “find their audience, or their audience finds them, like water seeking its level.”  [via Jezebel]


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