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There's a new Iron Fist teaser, and Jesus, Danny, that hat

There’s been a lot of conversation over the years about how best to put comic book superhero costumes on the screen. After all, many of the primary color looks designed to pop against a painted background tend to look a little, well, silly in the real world; Superman can just about pull it off (except when he’s living in a universe where the entire planet is bathed in an Instagram filter set to “Drab”), but there’s a reason Hugh Jackman went 17 years as Wolverine without ever once busting out the yellow and blue spandex.

All of which is to say: Netflix released a new teaser for the upcoming second season of Marvel’s Iron Fist this morning, and the only thing we’re ever going to remember about it is the mask jammed down on Danny Rand’s head in the flashback he’s hauntedly having. It’s actually a pretty good approximation of the classic Iron Fist costume (minus the green jumpsuit), but there’s something about it that just looks goofy as hell. (Hard to tell, on initial look, if it’s the “half-mask” thing, the pointy eye holes, or the rounded top that makes him look like he scalped Homer Simpson, but it’s probably that latter one.) But unlike, say, Luke Cage—which managed to get Mike Colter into the character’s iconic “yellow blouse” costume as an Easter egg—it looks like the show is taking this bit of outfitting deadly seriously.

And look, we know Finn Jones is meant to be expressing rueful regret about the eventual outcome of his bloody duel with his former friend there at the end. But it’s really hard not to read that look as, “What the fuck was that thing on my head?”


Marvel’s Iron Fist returns to Netflix on September 7.

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