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There's a chance Kathleen Turner is going to be doing something in Dumb And Dumber To

Upon confirmation that Universal would indeed be moving forward with a sequel to 1994’s Dumb And Dumber, millions responded, inevitably, with “So you’re telling me there’s a chance that Kathleen Turner will be in it?” An odd response to be sure, but one can no longer accuse it of a lack of prescience now that it’s been confirmed that, yes, Variety is telling you there’s a chance that Kathleen Turner will be in it. Of course, that’s about all it’s telling you, as there’s no word on who Kathleen Turner will be playing in Dumb And Dumber To, or why, in a late-career stage in which movie roles are an increasing rarity, she would choose to make one of them the sequel to a Farrelly brothers movie, or what you’re doing here, or who those people are, or why they’re headed this way oh God get them off, get them off. But suffice it to say, they’re telling you there’s a chance Danny DeVito could play a Big Gulp.


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