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There will never be too many supercuts of Alex Jones freaking out

Screenshot: InfoWars

Alex Jones is many things. He’s a radio host and conspiracy theorist known for promoting everything from globalist lizard people nonsense to despicable Sandy Hook false flag bullshit. He’s an old friend of filmmaker and fellow Texan Richard Linklater and has some pretty on-brand cameos in two of his films. And he’s somehow only 43 years old.

One thing Alex Jones is not is a man who can get through five minutes of talking without devolving into a series of weird snorts, grunts, and screams, which has made him the focus of many Vines and supercuts including this newest one from the hardworking editors at Super Deluxe.

In the brief, minute-and-a-half clip, you can see the wide emotional range Jones wields, as he goes from yelling to growling to yelling a growl and then laughing in a way that still manages to sound like a sad growl. All of this will hopefully illustrate what a buffoonish warthog this man actually is and distract you from the fact that he’s apparently still in regular contact with the president of the United States.


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