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There will be two Paranormal Activity movies next year, including one just for Latinos

As alluded to in this morning’s box-office report noting the literal, quantifiably diminishing returns of the Paranormal Activity franchise, a fifth film has nevertheless been given the green light in time for a Halloween 2013 release, because “diminishing returns” means nothing when your movie only costs $5 million. In fact, to that end Paramount is also moving ahead with those plans first rumored in April to develop a Latino “cousin” to Paranormal Activity, who will show up next spring to crash on Paranormal Activity’s couch, and then, just like Lou Dobbs warned us, all of a sudden there’s like six or seven more Paranormal Activity "cousins" living there.

As first noted by The Hollywood Reporter (and teased in Paranormal Activity 4’s post-credits scene), Deadline confirms that Paranormal Activity: Mucho Ghosto—which will be directed by Disturbia writer Christopher Landon—will feature a primarily Latino cast haunted by the demon from the non-Latino Paranormal Activity movies, and dealing with it by using many of the traditional Latino methods, such as drawing on their Catholic faith, and giving the demon rich, delicious food until it’s too sluggish to levitate anyone. It will make just enough money.


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