Jurassic World

Sometimes it can be a little strange to see what moviegoers choose to have a problem with. Everyone can get on board with cloning dinosaurs from DNA extracted from mosquitos, or training raptors to respond to your roguish charms, or genetically modifying dinosaurs to become perfect killing machines for the enjoyment of children, but a woman wearing heels while running from dinosaurs is so outrageous that it’s all anyone can take away from the movie, despite the fact that the woman in question says it was her idea to wear heels because it was appropriate to the character.

Anyway, in case it wasn’t clear, we’ve been subtly referring to Jurassic World this whole time, and thanks to everyone on the internet’s refusal to let the thing about the heels go, Bryce Dallas Howard (the heel runner herself) has confirmed to Collider that there will be no high heels in the eventual Jurassic World sequel. That means Chris Pratt won’t wear heels, Blue the Velociraptor won’t wear heels, and even the guy played by New Girl’s Jake Johnson won’t wear heels. That might not seem like a big deal—and may even be welcomed as a positive change by some people out there—but it does severely limit the fashion choices available to actors in Jurassic World 2. What kind of shoes is Chris Pratt supposed to wear now? A rugged pair of boots? Come on, that doesn’t make any sense.