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There will be David Bowie emojis in the new iPhone update

Image: Emojipedia

When the next iOS update comes around, there will be a bonus incentive—all new emojis to add to your texting repertoire. Apple previewed the forthcoming bounty, which was catalogued by Emojipedia. Your updated keyboard will include what we’ve already surmised is a Harambe emoji, as well as pictograms depicting the good ol’ face-palm and shrug. (Sorry, no-frills shrug guy.) More importantly, the ch-ch-ch-ch-changes to the profession emojis include two David Bowie-inspired figures that represent singers. The Aladdin Sane-modeled emojis are joining the newly-added ranks of judges, farmers, and health workers. It feels like a bit of a missed opportunity to render the astronauts as regular helmet-wearing people instead of giving them the shape of Ziggy Stardust, but this is still a lovely homage.

[via Rolling Stone]


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