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Illustration for article titled There will be at least two more emAmazing Spider-Man/em movies after the next one

Demonstrating supreme faith in its ability to keep the franchise going in the opposite direction of Marvel Studios, Sony has confirmed two more Amazing Spider-Man sequels—the third on June 10, 2016, and the fourth on May 4, 2018, a date so far-off, who knows what futuristic medium we’ll be using to watch it? Perhaps by then summer blockbusters will come in a concentrated serum that’s injected directly into our eyeballs, wrinkling our cortex to simulate enjoyment in an experience only slightly less intrusive than sitting in a family-crowded theater.


Anyway, regardless of the specific formulaic means by which these sequels will be manufactured, the announcement confirms the rebooted franchise will accomplish what Sam Raimi couldn’t by getting to four films. It also lends credence to those rumors regarding an eventual Sinister Six showdown—a storyline that’s already well on its way to fruition, considering the surfeit of villains set for Amazing Spider-Man 2. But perhaps most reassuringly, it assuages fears that all our Spider-jobs could become fully automated within the next decade. For now, the Spider-men still have a place in this world.

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