Driven by Texas Chainsaw 3D's first-place opening weekend and the fact that no one has yet devised a way to monetize mere flashes of recognition in the human brain, Millennium Films is moving ahead with another sequel in the revived franchise that audiences have heard of and therefore two tickets, please. According to Deadline, the next film will bear not only the leaden weight of inevitability but also the title Texas Chainsaw 4—a potentially confusing name, given the franchise's complicated history of sequels, prequels, and remakes, but one that apparently refers to it being part of the Tobe Hooper-approved Chainsaw "canon," insofar as that matters in the slightest to modern audiences, who just want to see a chainsaw and people getting killed with a chainsaw. It also potentially sets up the film to break the fourth dimension, perhaps with theater seats specially rigged to rock listlessly, in simulation of the audience's lowered expectations being dutifully and soothingly fulfilled.