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There will be a new Darkwing Duck comic book (but no new TV show)

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Children of the ’90s have long known that when there’s trouble you call D.W., but over the years that message has gotten lost. These days, children call their parents or the police when there’s trouble, blithely unaware that an anthropomorphic duck in a mask and cape could solve their issue quite handily, usually by tripping and falling down some stairs, crashing through the floor, and discovering that the jewel had not been stolen but was actually just mixed with the laundry, or whatever.


But, as Nerdist reports, comics publisher Joe Books is spreading the lisp once again with an ongoing Darkwing Duck comic series that is expected to debut in April. The creative team behind the comic will be writer Aaron Sparrow and artist James Silvani, who both worked on the previous Darkwing Duck comic book that was published by Boom! Studios in 2011, making them uniquely qualified to get dangerous.

Earlier today, certain news outlets reported that Disney XD was making a new Darkwing Duck cartoon. However, that rumor—which started as an April Fool’s joke last year—died faster than Launchpad McQuack’s engines when trying to make a getaway. (Getting fuel is the ONLY thing you need to remember, McQuack, you son of a bitch.) Still, even though there’s no cartoon currently in the works, there probably will be someday. Networks eventually reboot everything—even ReBoot.

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