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There will be a MacGyver movie, and we only have MacGruber to blame

As we mentioned in today’s Will Forte interview, earlier this year MacGyver creator Lee Zlotoff threatened legal action against MacGruber, claiming it infringed on his rights to one day make a MacGyver movie. As it turns out, he wasn’t just speaking hypothetically: Totally coincidentally, today it was announced via The Hollywood Reporter that screenwriter Jason Richman has been brought on to craft a screenplay for New Line’s big-screen version of MacGyver, which just got a big fat shot of free publicity on the day its satirical twin hits theaters. Richman’s résumé includes listless future films that time forgot like Bangkok Dangerous and Swing Vote, as well as a draft of the would-be sequel Beverly Hills Cop 4, which doesn’t particularly bode well—and for a Dino De Laurentiis-produced big-screen remake of an only somewhat-popular TV show that’s mostly remembered for how gimmicky it was and Richard Dean Anderson’s mullet, that’s an understatement. Not to mention that this whole project seems like it’s 90 percent based on spite. Yeah, thanks a lot, MacGruber.


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