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There will be a fourth Friday film, probably

According to the Tiny Lister on the street, Ice Cube and Chris Tucker are in early talks about developing another Friday film—“so says the guy who played DeBo [sic],” in TMZ’s words, who cornered Lister outside an L.A. restaurant last night, then got him talking about how he and the recently resurgent Tucker had a discussion on Tucker’s private jet about reforming the original Friday ensemble, with Lister just casually dropping “private jet” like that so you know it’s for real. And while this sounds like the usual, Tiny-Lister-hanging-on-the-sidewalk talk, Deadline confirms that New Line really is in discussion with Ice Cube about doing that fourth installment in the series that's been rumored since at least 2007, with Cube potentially set to write, direct, produce, and star—just like a latter-day Orson Welles, if Orson Welles had rapped about bitches and their nappy dugouts.

However, while sure that another Friday is potentially in the works, Deadline seems less certain that Tucker will be involved, citing Tucker’s decision to pull out of past sequels because he felt that his weed-loving, F-bomb-dropping character Smokey ran counter to his religious beliefs. But if you can believe Lister, Tucker may have finally decided that he can make peace with that, perhaps in exchange for some money. Of course, Lister also claims that he and Tucker discussed the possibility of making a sequel to The Fifth Element, so you should probably err on the side of skepticism with some of this.


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