Screenshot: Back To The Future (YouTube)

What constitutes a reunion these days is difficult to quantify, but if we’re counting social media posts, then we’re happy to report that there was a little Back To The Future reunion this weekend in Toronto. Following her appearance at Fan Expo Canada, Lea Thompson shared a 9-second video to Instagram and Twitter from outside a restaurant called “Biff’s” where she was joined by none other than Biff Tannen himself: Tom Wilson.


“I can’t wait to see who runs this dump,” Wilson said in his dopey yet aggressive Biff-voice. Unsurprisingly, fans started sharing the clip around like it was an advertisement for a real, functional hover-board. But the more noteworthy cast reunion was taking place offline at Canada’s premiere fan convention, where Thompson and Wilson were joined by fellow cast members Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

The series of photos shared by Thompson show the four actors enjoying a warm welcome from the crowd and flashing some big smiles backstage. There’s also a brief video of Wilson posing for photos with fans, further increasing the Biff-iness of an already Biff-heavy reunion. But really, if you’re not coming to a Back To The Future reunion for a chance to be called a “butthead” in front of your friends, what are you doing there at all?


[via Mashable]

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