The cop comedy—dormant on broadcast television since America decided that justice is best served with throwaway quips about mangled corpses—is about to have something of a renaissance. This development season has already seen the purchase of a bumbling police procedural from Parks And Recreation's Michael Schur starring Andy Samberg at Fox, Bill Lawrence's female-rookie-cops-in-a-man's-squad sitcom Feeling The Force at ABC, the "paranormal cop comedy" Strange Calls from Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer also at ABC, and, of course, that Beverly Hills Cop TV show at CBS, all of which suggest that we as a nation may have finally gotten over the L.A. riots and/or Police Academy: The Series.

And now Will Gluck is getting in on that action, with the Easy A director producing a half-hour single-camera cop comedy called Rookie that concerns "a twentysomething woman who is trying to reinvent herself by becoming a cop. In so doing, she finds a surrogate family amongst the disparate group of police officers with whom she works." Fittingly, this disparate surrogate family will be overseen by Community producer Andy Bobrow, who knows all about disparate surrogate families, and housed at ABC, who will buy anything pitched with the word "family" in it, even if it's the third cop comedy they've bought in the last few months. Anyway, it took a while, but at last, it's time to laugh at the police again.