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There’s some mysterious symbol scattered throughout the new season of Westworld

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We’re barely two episodes into the second season of Westworld and already the show has provided its notoriously prolific fan community with plenty of fuel for their theories. At this point, it seems like every frame contains some clue about a different timeline, potential hidden host, or ultimate endgame that the creators have carefully seeding in without anyone realizing it. So, it only makes sense that, as reported by Esquire, there is some mysterious, unexplained symbol plastered all over the walls this season that’s making fans scramble for an explanation.

Spoilers for season two of Westworld ahead.

Image: Reddit (Westworld Subreddit)

It didn’t take long for someone in the Westworld subreddit to discover the meaning of the symbol—at least, its meaning outside the world of the show. Apparently, in addition to being found on “Greek vases from around 700 BC,” the symbol was used in cartography to indicate “stone bottom at the water’s edge.” That phrase itself sounds like some nonsense a host would say with a vacant look in its eyes before spazzing out, but fans think there is something more going on.

Many have taken the symbol to be a reference to the unexpected, host-filled lake seen at the end of the season premiere. There is a prominent fan theory that suggests the majority of hosts are actually still alive and simply biding their time at the bottom of said lake. Esquire notes that some have theorized that this so-called “weapon” everyone seems so obsessed with recently is a transmitter that activates sleeper hosts around the world and is currently hidden under all that water.

Basically, everyone wants to know what’s at the bottom of that damn lake, and they’re hoping this new symbol is some sort of clue. Alternatively, the symbol was also used in seventeenth century alchemy to indicate “distilled vinegar.” So, this might just be the beginning of a really good salad dressing recipe.

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