Return Of The Jedi

When The Empire Strikes Back was first released, the second or third biggest thing that people took away from the movie (after the “I am your father” thing and “I thought they smelled bad on the outside”) was just how awesome Boba Fett was. Sure, he didn’t really do anything in that movie other than pose, fly his ship, and watch as the frozen Han Solo got loaded into his cargo hold, but damn did he look really awesome when he did that stuff. When Return Of The Jedi finally gave Boba Fett an opportunity to do something, he promptly wasted that chance by falling into the Great Pit Of Carkoon where he was swallowed by the sarlacc and digested for a thousand years. Still, he probably looked really awesome while being digested.

However, the key lesson that Boba Fett teaches is that no matter how cool you look, you could still end up dying in a really stupid way. Apparently, though, body armor manufacturer AR500 Armor missed that second part, because it just announced a set of actual ballistic armor that is heavily inspired by the outfit Boba Fett wears.


The suit lacks Boba Fett’s iconic scarf and jetpack, but the lines on the chest are pretty similar and the helmet is so close that AR500 may want to consider bolstering its defenses with some good lawyers. As for its practicality, it’s tough to say how much of a tactical advantage this armor would provide, but the visor seems like it would limit the wearer’s field of view quite a bit—although that would probably be a good thing if you’re slowly being digested over a thousand years.


[via CinemaBlend]