Breaking Bad

One of the weirdest and/or grossest side effects of Breaking Bad‘s popularity was the amount of meth use it inspired. After a while, the show made it pretty clear that Walter White and his drug-making hobby were more tragic than cool, but that reading seemed to be lost on the meth-loving TV fans who apparently believed that AMC had finally produced a series targeted specifically at them. Thankfully, Blue Ice Vodka has now come up with a more legal way to reduce your sobriety while also advertising your love of Breaking Bad. According to People, Blue Ice will soon be introducing a limited-edition line of “Heisenberg” vodka that is officially endorsed by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan. Each bottle will feature a Walter White-esque silhouette and one of the show’s many overused quotes, like “I’m the one who knocks,” “Tread lightly,” and (hopefully) “Fuck you and your eyebrows.” The Heisenberg vodka will be in stores soon, or you can order it here. If you’re not sure that Heisenberg is the vodka for you, there’s a trailer below.