There’s a lot of things to like about 2 Chainz: his music, his style, his mild-mannered response to getting yelled at by a deranged-sounding Nancy Grace—all good things. But surely the most acclaim should go to his hosting of one of the internet’s finest web series: Most Expensive Shit w/ 2 Chainz, in which the intrepid artist teamed up with GQ to embark on the brilliant plan of exploring shit, of which he seeks out the most expensive. We’ve already covered earlier installments of this series, because it’s hard to go wrong watching 2 Chainz demand the highest-priced version of things.

This latest installment finds the rapper and his musical associate French Montana discovering the world of exotic animals—specifically, giraffes, zebras, parrots, and monkeys. 2 Chainz is his usual amiable self, though he forces Montana to do all of the actual interacting with the animals. (Of course, that doesn’t prevent him from asking if he’s allowed to ride the giraffe.) The cost of the animals is predictably high: You’ll need about $40,000 if you want to take a giraffe home with you, not to mention be in possession of a zoo or wildlife preserve. But 2 Chainz seems most startled by the $15,000 price tag for the parrot; by the end, he’s trying to talk his guide into a package deal discount for all of the animals.