As the musical community continues to adjust to the death of David Bowie—an adjustment which has, among all the tributes and various reflections, included the wide posthumous success of his final album, Blackstar—it looks like there may be a little more music set to be released from the dead legend’s estate. According to a Newsweek article examining the fate of the Bowie archives—including a long discussion of the fate of the numerous mementos of his career that Bowie collected in his later years—there are at least a few more compilations of the man’s work that are set for release, with the first one expected for a 2017 release.

Talking to an unnamed source, the article quotes that there are, “a long list of unscheduled musical releases that Bowie planned before he died,” divided into different eras of the constantly shifting musician and icon’s work. It’s unclear whether these different collections and retrospectives will feature previously unreleased material, although it seems like a pretty safe bet. (There’s also the cast album of Bowie’s off-Broadway musical Lazarus, which starred Michael C. Hall and is currently in the works.) In any case, we have a little time between now and 2017 to continue to savor Blackstar, and wait and let the anticipation build again.


[h/t Variety]