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There’s going to be a Pitch Perfect 3

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We’ve still got a little over a month before Pitch Perfect 2 is released in theaters, but Rebel Wilson has already spilled to The LA Times that the pitch will be back yet again for a third installment of the Pitch Perfect franchise. Wilson confirmed that she’s already signed on for the third movie, but she doesn’t know whether Anna Kendrick is attached yet. A Pitch Perfect movie without Kendrick would certainly upset fans—especially all those “Bechloe” shippers out there—but with very few details of the new movie known at this point, there’s still plenty of time for Kendrick to sign on.


Considering the fact that the Barden Bellas are now seniors in Pitch Perfect 2, PP3 might feature an entirely new class of Bellas entirely. At the same time, Brittany Snow’s Chloe, Anna Camp’s Aubrey, and Adam DeVine’s Bumper all presumably graduated between the first and second movies. and Pitch Perfect 2 still found ways to bring all three back. So maybe anything can happen in the Pitch Perfect universe—except, of course, a backing track.

Plus, have we ever even seen any of these aca-people attend class? Maybe no one will graduate, ever, and Pitch Perfect 2 director Elizabeth Banks can keep making Pitch Perfect movies for eternity. Or at least until Kiernan Shipka is old enough to believably play a college student.

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