The calypso Whiplash parody was well and good (and quite funny), but it’s kind of surprising that it took the Internet so long to pair a movie about drumming with one of pop culture’s famous drummers, Animal from the Muppets. In the end, it was truly a group effort to create the Animal/Whiplash parody the world both needs and deserves.

First up a YouTube commenter suggested the idea on that recent Big Bird/Birdman spoof. Then Mashable shared the concept via a GIF.

And finally The Huffington Post U.K. took it upon itself to create a full video. Like Miles Teller, Animal is harassed by J.K. Simmon’s dictatorial music teacher, only this time around that harrowing classroom scene gets a happy ending.


Thus ends the saga of the missing mash-up. Next we’d like to see Channing Tatum’s half-human, half-canine character from Jupiter Ascending replaced with Rowlf the Dog.