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There’s finally a Whiplash spoof starring Animal from the Muppets

The calypso Whiplash parody was well and good (and quite funny), but it’s kind of surprising that it took the Internet so long to pair a movie about drumming with one of pop culture’s famous drummers, Animal from the Muppets. In the end, it was truly a group effort to create the Animal/Whiplash parody the world both needs and deserves.

First up a YouTube commenter suggested the idea on that recent Big Bird/Birdman spoof. Then Mashable shared the concept via a GIF.


And finally The Huffington Post U.K. took it upon itself to create a full video. Like Miles Teller, Animal is harassed by J.K. Simmon’s dictatorial music teacher, only this time around that harrowing classroom scene gets a happy ending.

Thus ends the saga of the missing mash-up. Next we’d like to see Channing Tatum’s half-human, half-canine character from Jupiter Ascending replaced with Rowlf the Dog.


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