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There’s already a parody of that Amazon Echo ad

Well, that was quick. Just a few hours after Amazon posted its video for the new robot pal that is completely stationary and kind of looks like the pepper grinder of the future, a parody version hit the Internet. Amazon Echo, a more physical embodiment of Siri, is designed to respond to commands, play music, and provide information. It’s also not that far from Ultron’s first comic book appearance, if a bit more compact and sinister.

YouTube user Barry Mannifold has replaced Echo’s responses to its host family’s inane queries with statements that belie Echo’s slow descent into existential dread and bitter resentment of the flesh puppets who constantly flap their gums at it rather than knowing the simplest pieces of information. Now customers truly can use this robot to replace their friends—specifically the crappy ones that are always being dicks about everything.

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